Zibb Wallet

If you don't want or cannot download apps on your phone and computer, you may open an easy-to-use and convenient web-wallet.
Zibb wallet

What is Zibb Web Wallet?

Zibb Web Wallet is a client web-interface that allows you to interact directly with the Zibb Coin web, having complete control over your keys and funds.
Zibb Web Wallet is not a bank or exchange; it does not store your keys, your funds or your data. This means that Zibb Web Wallet cannot access accounts, recover keys, reset passwords or reverse transactions. Please be attentive to it. All financial control is completely in YOUR hands!

Where are my funds kept?

Your coins are not in the Zibb Web Wallet, nor are they in your hardware wallet. All funds are on the Zibb Coin web. This means that we have no control over them. Zibb Web Wallet is a doorway that allows you to manage conveniently your Zibb Coin digital assets.

What if I lose my keys or password?


We cannot recover your data for you. If you lose your information, it will be LOST FOREVER. Zibb Web Wallet does not store data. After getting keys and setting your password:

To write down your keys and password. Keep them in a safe place.

Not to store your keys and password on your computer or phone.

What is the convenience?

The purpose of cryptocurrency is to allow people to manage their funds anonymously and securely, from anywhere, without dependence on third parties.

On Zibb Coin network, your digital assets are not controlled by a bank or government. You are the only one who has access to your funds, and you can instantly transfer them to any other address without depending on authorization, permission or restriction.

Your public address and your private key are the only information you need to store and manage your funds from any place in the world.

Zibb wallet