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About Us


The main objective of MyVoice is to aid street kids, the deaf and hearing-impaired by equipping them with skills needed in photography to tell stories, while raising awareness to transform negative perspectives into ones of inspiration and understanding around the society. Our organization was founded in September 2019 by Hubert Bisengimana & Sandrine Gatare who recognized the problems facing street kids as well as certain deaf and hearing impaired.

Hubert Bisengimana uses his camera to defends the liberty of observation and to challange the public as well as the local autorities to the taugh living envirennement of marginized people

On her side, Sandrine she's interested on the rights and interests of children and youth. With Myvoice she takes advantage of this opportunity to strenthgen her involvement and raise awaraness about issues faced by stret kids

The beneficiary of myVoice journey needs to have certain criteria for him/her to be integrated in the program. We target people aged between 12-18. He/She is required to be motivated and standard sign language is essential to assist the beneficiary in the learning process. A passion for using photography as a tool for positive change is a requirement. On top of willingness to help drive our program forwards by assisting with communications, fundraising, and possibly logistics is When selected, the beneficiaries go through a six-months course which includes introduction, theory on photography, ethics and hands on experience. They’re also educated on different experimental techniques of practicing.

The beneficiaries have to work on internships projects. The work is then displayed in different exhibitions and galleries. Since we were set up in 2019 as a photography research project, we have made big strides. We started with five beneficiaries selected from five districts. They have gained a wide range of experience in photography. They have involved in different personal and community projects. In 2021, we plan to expand to forty beneficiaries from eight selected districts. With every plan forward by 2022, we hope to have 80 beneficiaries from fifteen districts. Our team is working hard to find ways to create a level playing field for those street kids and deaf people through photography, so that they too, can play a meaningful role in building tomorrow’s Rwanda.

The co-founder of MyVoice, Hubert Bisengimana, was born in Kigali- Rwanda. He discovered his passion for photography ten years after releasing the lens can do such a wonderful job capturing the beauty taken for granted. As a young man attending studies in computer technology, Hubert realized his career option was not destined for computer programming but photography. As a naturalist at heart, Hubert believes it’s equally important to communicate that passion to your prospects and let them know the deep seated reasons why he is doing it. With his camera Hubert loves to capture the nature, wildlife landscape of Rwanda, portraits and people’s lifestyle. He thinks photography is an open space, with constant new opportunities to explore it deeper.
It should go without saying, then; Hubert’s burning passion for photography is a big asset in storytelling. For him photography is a way to express things thousand times better than words. After spending decades capturing regional subjects and scenery, Hubert decided to challenge himself by helping the treet kids, deaf and hearing loss to crush out of poverty, daily stigma, and prejudices. By 2019, the first Five beneficiates were enrolled from Kigali, Nyarugenge and Gasabo districts.